Table Layout

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How will I know where to go?

There will be signs placed throughout the hotel to help guide you. We will also have all the locations stated on the event itinerary.

Is there a dress code?

Cocktail Party

Glitz and glam vibes! We ask, but do not require, that you dress for a black-tie party. Think shiny

and sparkly, romantic and romantic—sequins, rhinestones, feathers, satin, tulle, leather, etc. We

want you to experience the night feeling like the beautiful, sexy soul we know you are! Express

that however you desire. 

Signature Event

Fun vibes! Dress up or dress down — whatever you want. You be you (clothed)! 


Chill vibes! Summer wear / swimwear might be the most comfortable in the July heat and to

enjoy the pool. There’s a restroom available to change in if you’d like. Towels will be provided 

by the hotel. Sunscreen is recommended. 

Can I bring my book cart to the signature event?

Yes! Book carts are allowed as long as they fit in the elevator and aren't too big that they block walkways.

Where can I park?

The hotel has valet available with a discounted rate for our event at $29 per vehicle. There are also multiple self-parking lots around the hotel that you can use.

Is there a table layout/map, so I know where I can find the authors?

Yes! The table layout is coming soon!

Are there any age restrictions? Will you check my ID?

Cocktail Party is 21+ ONLY due to the venue's rules. IDs might be requested is needed.

Signature Event is recommended 18+ due to possible explicit content. IDs will not be checked.

After Party is recommended 18+ like the signature event and IDs WILL be checked at entrance due to alcohol being available. Everyone will get a color-coded wrist band based on under/over 21.

What kinds of payments are the authors and vendors taking?

Payment varies by author/vendor. Types of payment to expect are: cash, card, PayPal, Venmo.

I have dietary needs. Will there be food options for me at the Cocktail Party and After Party?

We are going to try our best to have food/beverage options for everyone, but the menu is greatly restricted to what the hotel offers.

What about accessibility?

The Signature Event will have two lines available for attendees waiting to get their ticket scanned (a dedicated ADA entry line and a general entry line). The two lines will be marked so you know which is which. There will be ample room in the signing room for walkways, so wheelchairs, walkers, etc can move easily and safely.

There will be crowded control if needed.

Water will be stationed throughout the signing for anyone who needs/wants it.

There will be several team members and volunteers walking around all three of our events to offer assistance, and to bring any issues to our organizer's attention so they can be resolved quickly.

If you need extra assistance, please do not hesitant to flag down a team member/volunteer! All team members and volunteers will be wearing a dedicated shirt for visibility and recognition.

Please email if you'd like to discuss a specific concern, question, etc. prior to the event!

Will there be security?

Yes! Security will be present all three events.

This is a private event with safety and comfortability in mind. It's a party and we want every single person to enjoy themselves without worrying about unwanted guests entering the event.

Security and a team member/volunteer will be by the entrances checking tickets and author/vendor/assistant lanyards. If someone does not have one of those, they will not be permitted entry.